Redfish update (2020.1 and WIP proposals)

Gunnar Mills gmills at
Wed May 20 07:30:31 AEST 2020

Redfish released 2020.1 last week, an overview can be found here:

It has features like Factory Reset (called ResetToDefaults in Redfish) 
and Auto Reboot (called AutomaticRetry) that OpenBMC uses. Pushed a 
commit to move bmcweb to 2020.1 here:

Was seeing Redfish validator errors, that required a fix to the 
validator. This fix was part of the Redfish-Service-Validators 1.3.6 
release so after this 2020.1 commit goes in, you will need a version of 
Redfish-Service-Validators 1.3.6 or later. CI uses the master branch of 
Redfish-Service-Validator, which has this fix, so not a problem there.

More information can be found on the forum:

Redfish to coincide with the OCP virtual summit last week also released 
several "Work in Progress" proposals.

I encourage you to review these and post feedback if you are interested. 
Some of the WIP proposals:

"Diagnostic Data Logging proposal" - This is the dump proposal by 
OpenBMC, some slight updates from the one proposed on the mailing list.

"Power and Thermal enhancement proposal" - Deprecates the current Power 
and Thermal schemas and replaces with a Power Subsystem schema and a 
Thermal Subsystem schema.  Adds new schemas for Fan and PowerSupply. All 
sensors will now be under the Sensor Collection and linked to the 
resource (e.g. Fan, Power Supply).

"Serial Console discovery enhancement proposal" - Moves KVM 
(GraphicalConsole in Redfish) and Virtual Media from Manager to under 
System. Adds a SerialConsole object under the System.

"Syslog Configuration proposal" - Managing syslog and rsyslog

- Gunnar

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