some code in power_control_obj.c

Lemon Zhang lemon_zhang555 at
Tue May 19 00:35:01 AEST 2020

1 In the file power_control_obj.c, there is the following program code
if (pgood_state == 0)
                 control_power_emit_power_lost (control_power);
                 g_pci_reset_held = 1;
                 control_power_emit_power_good (control_power);
Is this the code that notifies the hardware power status? If yes, to whom did it notify; if not, what is it used for?
2 In function 
static gboolean on_set_power_state (ControlPower * pwr,
         GDBusMethodInvocation * invocation,
         guint state,
         gpointer user_data)
No matter whether I set the power-on command or the power-off command, the parameter state is always 0. Is there any problem here?

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