OpenBMC userguide questions

Zbyszek zbigniewku at
Mon May 18 17:15:55 AEST 2020

Thank you Patrick for your quick response.
I will apply your comments in the document.

pt., 15 maj 2020 o 14:13 Patrick Williams <patrick at> napisał(a):
> Hi Zbyszek,
> In general, I would say you should follow the format of existing
> documents.  I think that answers the majoriy of your questions at a
> high-level.
> On Fri, May 15, 2020 at 08:49:49AM +0200, Zbyszek wrote:
> > * Should we use the reply markup to indicate side comments though-out?
> I would say no.  In Markdown ">" are for quotes.  You're not quoting
> anything.  Skimming through it seems like with a little effort you could
> just integrate these "side comments" into the document flow.
> > * Do we want to add user level doc to userguide? or put this doc under
> > security? Currently userguide only has a .tex including other markup.
> It looks like the userguide directory is for a .tex wrapper that was put
> in to generate a single document from a few Markdown sub-files.  The
> majority of the "content" of this file comes from the root directory, so
> it would seem that the pattern is to treat most things in root as
> "user-guides".
> The whole docs repository could use some reorganization, but we should
> treat that separate from this commit.
> > * Do we allow the `---` line separating doc header and text
> > introducing to document?
> No, let's follow the format of the existing documents.  Maybe a
> "## Introduction" would be just as appropriate in this case.
> --
> Patrick Williams

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