rest-dbus does not work?

Patrick Williams patrick at
Mon May 11 22:13:44 AEST 2020


On Sat, May 09, 2020 at 10:26:10AM +0800, Li, Yong wrote:
> Just find that the rest-dbus is broken, with the below error message:
> Anyone encoutner this issue? Any suggestions/comments?
>   rest-dbus

I think we effectively broke this with the Python2 to Python3 migration.
rest-dbus was written in Python2 and against libraries that I think were
deprecated and never migrated to Python3.  I'm somewhat surprised that
it even installed into your image.  I would have expected it to fail
dependency needs as the libraries it depends on had been removed.

I believe everyone has effectively moved to bmcweb now, and most
platforms are not even installing Python on the BMC anymore.  I suspect
there is not much interest in reviving rest-dbus and migrating it to
full Python3.

Patrick Williams
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