How to use eSPI between Host and slave BMC in openbmc project

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Dear Andrew Jeffery    I noticed that you mentioned eSPI in another mail thread.But I can't find some information in openbmc project.    There are some questions about eSPI:        1 Are there some solutions to use eSPI interface in openbmc project?         2 Whether the Host side needs eSPI controler driver? I can't find any info about eSPI in linux kernel for host os. Is eSPI transparent to the Host side?        3 Whether the slave side(Ex BMC/EC) needs slave eSPI driver? I know there are some registers descriptions of eSPI controller in the ast2500 data sheet.         Unfortunately, I don't find slave eSPI driver either.         4 which intel products include eSPI feature?         5 eSPI interface can transmit io cycle and mem cycle, but in which case or applications eSPI transfer mem cycle?    Looking forward to your reply.    ThanksBRFelix

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