Prometheus telemetry exporter for OpenBmc - repository location

Justin Thaler thalerj at
Fri May 8 03:53:24 AEST 2020

Hi Jakub,

On 5/7/20 11:52 AM, Dlugolecki, Jakub wrote:
> Hi OpenBmc Community,
> We would like to release a Prometheus exporter for telemetry collected via Redfish protocol.
> Our team uses this exporter for OpenBmc telemetry collection and for health monitoring.
This is pretty awesome and I've seen a few different solutions to get 
data into Prometheus, most around a message broker.
> Would you agree create a repository in organization?
How would you feel about a page that points out tools/plugins out there 
that have been tested against OpenBMC? For instance a Netdata plugin, or 
your Prometheus plugin. We could then provide a pointer to other repo's 
that have the actual code, along with what level of openBMC is supported?

It might make a nice list for those looking at adopting OpenBMC to see 
what other tools are supported along with it.
> My initial idea was to create a repository in a Prometheus GitHub organization.
> Unfortunately, Prometheus project does not have any dedicated space for third party exporters:
> Thank you,
> Jakub

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