Survey for Certificate Management Needs

Michael Richardson mcr at
Tue May 5 10:20:24 AEST 2020

Richard Hanley <rhanley at> wrote:
    > I think that CRL becomes more of an issue when communication is
    > mutually authenticated.  If a client is given a certificate from the
    > CA, then there should be a way for that client's cert to be revoked on
    > a BMC.

Again, it's the CA that issues the CRL.
If you want to revoke authorization, then you need to do that.
I'm unware of client-certificate based authorization in bmcweb at this time.

If your authorization process if just "signed by CA foo"
(i.e. authentication), then you would have to rely on the CA to revoke the

If your authorization process consists of a list of pinned EE certificates,
then you could delete/mark-inactive the broken certificate.

If you combine both methods, then in theory, you could have a "anything
signed by CA foo, unless it is on blacklist X".  But that's not a CRL, that's
a blacklist.

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