Setting up a system for first time

Adriana Kobylak anoo at
Tue May 5 08:08:52 AEST 2020


On 2020-04-27 10:53, rgrs wrote:
> Hi,
> Please can anyone help with this?
> when just same phosphor image flashed on both SPI, I am not able to
> upgrade to new firmware.
> What is the right way to install images to new board with empty SPIs?

Yeah there are some limitations that I'll explain below, the 
would be to build a 2nd image with a dummy commit so that you have 2 
ids to start with, then you can code update to a new 3rd image from 
when you need to put new code on the system.

>> The board has two SPI NOR for BMC flash.
>> If I flash same image on both SPI, WebUI displays only one entry
>> since versioning is same.

Right. This is a limitation that we're exploring on solving so that the
customer can have their 'backup' devices at the same software version.

>> When I flash two different images in each SPI, activation of second
>> image is not working.
>> U-boot goes into a loop and is not able boot.

The issue is that u-boot can't read the volume from the alternate SPI,
therefore during a code update it creates 2 volumes with the new kernel 
one on each SPI, to work around this limitation.
After flashing the two SPIs, one with a dummy commit, use code update to
flash a new image.

>> Do we have any sequence to be followed when flashing the images?

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