Web UI Vue - Design Review Process

Derick Montague Derick.Montague at ibm.com
Sat Mar 14 02:51:15 AEDT 2020

Hello everyone,

As we continue to rewrite the OpenBMC Web UI in the Vue framework, we will
be looking for feedback from the community. Outside of discussions in our
bi-weekly GUI Design workgroup, we are starting to document all these
changes in the "openbmc/webui-vue" repository. Ryan Arnell just sent an
email about the date and time settings updates we are proposing.

To improve transparency, we are taking advantage of Github's Projects
feature. You can read more about Projects at
https://github.com/features/project-management/. For the design process,
we have created a Design Review project. This project will make it simple
to see all the design updates that are in progress, coming soon, or
completed. Here is the link to the project,

The goal is to capture community feedback for any design in the Github
story, which will also contain an iteration history of the design proposal.
We are looking forward to your feedback as we add new features and improve
the overall user experience of the OpenBMC Web UI.

Derick Montague
Design Team Support and Enablement
Cognitive Systems User Experience

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