Adding a detailed physical model to bmcweb

Brad Bishop bradleyb at
Thu Mar 12 02:45:49 AEDT 2020

at 5:22 PM, Richard Hanley <rhanley at> wrote:

> One of the requirements we have for our data center management software  
> is that we need to be able to map resources (e.g. actions, telemetry, and  
> assemblies) directly to the physical component that it originated from as  
> well as how those components are physically connected.
> Historically this mapping was done through a custom protocol on the host,  
> and we would like to move this to a Redfish service on the BMC.

Hi Richard.  We (IBM) also have a need for the same detailed mapping  
information but from other services on the BMC.

> Let's just say for the moment that we get a service that collects this  
> information

Right, so where we have shared interest I think is how this service works  
and exports its information to _any_ BMC service (not just bmcweb -  
exporting the mapping information via external interfaces is less of a  
priority over here).  Can you say any more about this service?



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