Proposal for the connected redfish client info

Ratan Gupta ratagupt at
Wed Mar 11 21:18:26 AEDT 2020

Hi Team,

In IBM we have a following requirement

  * Show the connected redfish client info.
      o    ClientIP
      o    Client Unique Identifier(unique serial number of the client etc)

Presently there is no way through which we can get this info.

I have following two proposal for the above requirement.

1/ (Extend the session schema)

Add the IPaddress and the client Identifier as a OEM in the session schema,
Clinet IP would be read only and will be updated once the redfish client 
creates the session.
ClientIdentifier(Management console unique serial number etc) will be 
writable property and can be set by the redfish client
during creation of the session or after creating the session.

2/ (Create the Manager object at runtime)
once the redfish client creates the session , bmcweb internally does the 

- Create the manager object whose type is "Management Controller".

- Create the ethernet interface resource manager resource and update the 
client IP.

    In the second option how to set the Client unique identifier which 
is to be given by the Redfish client

  Please let me know your thoughts on the above.


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