python 2 deprecation - assistance required

Lei YU mine260309 at
Thu Mar 5 17:09:18 AEDT 2020

> * The recipe changes at 29692 fails to build the complete
>   openbmc/openbmc due to problems in other recipes.  Many recipes
>   assumed they were getting their "python requirements" indirectly from
>   sdbusplus (which is bad).  When I change sdbusplus to use python3, but
>   those recipes still expect python2 (and modules) they fail to build.
>   I ran with 'bitbake obmc-phosphor-image -k' and find the following
>   failures:
>     meta-phosphor/recipes-phosphor/ipmi/
>     meta-phosphor/recipes-phosphor/power/
>     meta-phosphor/recipes-phosphor/inventory/
>     meta-phosphor/recipes-phosphor/dump/
>     meta-phosphor/recipes-phosphor/dbus/
>     meta-openpower/recipes-phosphor/occ/
>     meta-phosphor/recipes-phosphor/leds/
>   I'm not going to have time to fix all of these myself, so it would be
>   nice if the maintainers of each of these repositories would fix up
>   their dependencies in the Yocto recipe.
>   Often this means something like DEPENDS += "python-native python-yaml"

For `phosphor-power` it's fixed by

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