OpenBMC GUI Design Workgroup - Today 10:00 AM CST

Derick Montague Derick.Montague at
Thu Mar 5 14:34:23 AEDT 2020

Hi Joseph,

Thank you for your feedback.

> My two cents worth:
> 1. Data should be stored untranslated whenever possible, and translated
> only when it is presented to the user.
> 2. It seems to me the language preference should ideally be associated
> with the session (whether login session or a session to perform a single
> operation ~

1. The GUI translations are stored in JSON files. Which content is determined
by the Vue i18n Plugin. 

2. The language preference will be stored in local storage, so it will persist
for as long as the user doesn't change the language or clear their browser's
local storage. The question is whether the user should have to log out if they
want to change their preference.

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