service for tracking user activity (phosphor-audit)

Andrew Geissler geissonator at
Wed Mar 4 06:46:44 AEDT 2020

> On Feb 28, 2020, at 11:15 AM, Ivan Mikhaylov <i.mikhaylov at> wrote:
> On Mon, 2019-08-26 at 15:31 +0300, Ivan Mikhaylov wrote:
>> hi all, There it is updated design proposal about audit service which provides
>> a
>> way to track user activity. Right now most parts are described there. If you
>> have any ideas or anything to add, feel free to share in this thread.
>> thanks.
> Thank you, everyone involved in the review process of this document! Just got
> back from the leave, and wanted to ask who should create the rep or which rep
> part it should belong to? I want to use the meson build system for this project,
> any problems with this decision? Also, any other tips or suggestions are
> welcome. I'll start working on it in next 1-2 weeks.

phosphor-logging would be one candidate for a repo for this function. Otherwise
a new repo, phosphor-audit would work.

Brad would be the one to create a new repo.

Matt and Deepak could weigh in on whether this could be a part of
phosphor-logging. The community has swung the pendulum from a repo
for each individual function to trying to group things more logically into
single larger repos which can be configured to enable different functions
(which is why I would lean towards phosphor-logging).

> Thanks.

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