What does openbmc system do after update BMC Firmware and taps reboot?

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Mon Mar 2 18:24:44 AEDT 2020


I am learning how openbmc update BMC firmware. I am following the guide "https://github.com/openbmc/docs/blob/master/code-update/code-update.md" to update BMC Firmware. It works well for me.
But I still do not know, why in step 7 should I reboot, and what reboot do?
Later I found in "https://github.com/openbmc/docs/blob/master/code-update/code-update-diagrams.md", which tells that:
        [*] In a static layout configuration, the images are stored in RAM and the content is written to flash during BMC reboot. 
        Reference the update and shutdown scripts provided by initrdscripts
I am using a static layout. And I found two scripts named "shutdown" and "update" in "/run/initramfs/". So I thought it is that, the update applications put the firmware image in /run/initramfs/ and when I tap reboot, by some means the "update" script runs and the "update" script using "flashcp" command to write the firmware image to the /dev/mtd. Is that right?
What happens after I tap "reboot", and who calls the "update" script, and how it calls the "update" scripts?
Can someone tell me? Thanks a lot!

Best Regards!
Liu Hongwei
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