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Michael Richardson mcr at
Tue Jan 28 11:24:48 AEDT 2020

Joseph Reynolds <jrey at> wrote:
    > Let's try again to establish another OpenBMC Security Workgroup meeting
    > time.  The current meeting time (every other week 10am Pacific Daylight
    > Time) is working for some, but not for others.  To be clear, we would
    > use the same workgroup, just have alternate meeting times.

    > First, let's find a time that works for Australia, Asia, and Europe. 

There aren't any such times :-)
If you move to 7am PST, 10am Eastern, then it's 14:00 UTC, which is still
within the working day in Germany, Helsinki and Tel-Aviv.
In Beijing, that's 11pm. Seoul, 00:00, and Syndey, 2am.

Many left-coast types that I work with prefer 7am, as they can do the meeting
while still at home, before traffic, before school-drop-off, etc.
(And aren't they all supposed to be super-health-nuts who get up at 6am to do Yoga?)

    > Second, I am thinking we could establish alternating meeting times. We
    > will not find a time that works for everyone.  I try to accommodate
    > folks who cannot attend by writing a summary of the topics and
    > conclusions, and by pushing the work back out into this email list. 

I've been on meetings that have simply alternated the AM/PM of the meeting.
     7pm California
     10pm NYC
     4am Berlin/5am Helsinki
     11am Beijing
     12:00 Seoul
     2pm Syndey

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