Security Working Group meeting - Wednesday January 22

Joseph Reynolds jrey at
Tue Jan 21 04:47:51 AEDT 2020

This is a reminder of the OpenBMC Security Working Group meeting 
scheduled for this Wednesday January 22 at 10:00am PDT. We'll discuss 
current development items, and anything else that comes up.  The current 
topics 1. Discuss BMCWeb’s certificate handling, specifically 
intermediate certificates. 2. Design discussions about aggregation 
broached the security topic. 3. Per Alexander: Revisit Daemons should 
not run as root. 4. Merged BMCWeb commit to allow slower image uploads. 
   See also commit: “Make the max http request body size configurable”. 
5. Merged BMCWeb commit that added new messages for security events. 
Access, agenda, and notes are in the wiki: - Joseph 

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