Add OEM Interface in bmcweb

Ratan Gupta ratagupt at
Mon Jan 20 18:13:57 AEDT 2020

Hi All,

The purpose of this mail is to define the process/steps for adding the 
OEM interfaces.

Our first step would be to get the buying from the openbmc community for 
OEM interfaces/OEM properties.

If as a community we are on the same page then we can push these 
enhancements to DMTF.

eg: Redfish Dump service proposal review which is going on in the 
openBMC community.

If the enhancements are specific to OEM then we can add the OEM 
interfaces as following.

1) Introduce a compile time flag in the bmcweb

2) Put all the OEM specific interface functionalities in the new files.

3) Include the new files under the compile time flag as majority of the 
code in bmcweb written in header file.

If the OEM interfaces is redfish like interface then we need to do the 
following steps

     a) Implement the oem service root(eg: ibm/v1)

     b) Create the schema files

     c) Implement the metadata(ibm/v1/$metadata)

     d) Make the changes in the bb file so it installs the OEM schema 
files at the correct location.

     e) Storing the OEM schema files shall be some enterprise specific path.

Reference code is at the below location.(metadata implementation is WIP) 


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