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Vijay Khemka vijaykhemka at
Sat Jan 18 06:04:51 AEDT 2020

I am writing an application for Bios upgrade. Currently I have created a hook to our bmc updater which expects a systemd unit file to be run at the time of activating update. But I am thinking of adding some of this unit file functionality in updater itself and wanted to run by you all if it is common procedure used by every platform. Below are the process we use in our platform as a part of bios upgrade.

  1.  Power off host server.
  2.  Set ME/NM (Management engine or Node manager in x86) to recovery mode
  3.  Flip GPIO to access SPI flash used by host.
  4.  Bind spi driver to access flash
  5.  Flashcp image to device.
  6.  Unbind spi driver
  7.  Flip GPIO back for host to access SPI flash
  8.  Set ME/NM to operational mode
  9.  Power on server.

I can have some flexibility in this sequence based on each platform configuration. Looking forward to your suggestions.

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