U-Boot upstream, patch and maintain model and plan for OpenBMC

Dan Zhang zhdaniel at fb.com
Fri Jan 10 08:51:10 AEDT 2020

I am writing to see how can I align and contribute to the U-Boot development for OpenBMC. 

OpenBMC supported platforms ( IBM witherspoon: tacoma and rainier) are using new Aspeed SDK (https://github.com/AspeedTech-BMC/u-boot/tree/aspeed-dev-v2019.04). 
In my new project, I am planning to use this SDK also. 
I believe it will be benefit to align with and contribute to OpenBMC community regarding upstream, patch and maintain this new SDK.

Thus, I have some open questions about OpenBMC communities' u-boot developing model and/or plan:
1. Will U-Boot also follow Kernel's developing model for OpenBMC? 
Kernel developing model ( my understanding )
individual contributor actively aligned with OpenBMC about the kernel patch upstreaming plan and status, 
and OpenBMC kernel maintainers will pull-in and/or backports the accepted patches to all supported kernel versions.
All supported kernel versions will be maintained on corresponding branches in https://github.com/openbmc/linux  OpenBMC fork.

2. Will, eventually, u-boot code of OpenBMC be maintained in https://github.com/openbmc/u-boot OpenBMC fork? or kept in BSP/SDK vendor's u-boot fork?

Dan Zhang

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