obmc-console design for multi host support

Kumar Thangavel thangavel.k at hcl.com
Thu Feb 20 23:13:08 AEDT 2020

Hi Andrew,

       Thanks for your response and information.

       Please find my response inline below.


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Hi Kumar,

On Wed, 19 Feb 2020, at 18:24, Kumar Thangavel wrote:
> Hi All,
>  Obmc-console application current design may not support multi host or
> multiple console. So, we proposed the design to handle multi
> host/multiple console in obmc-console client and server applications.

Thanks for writing a proposal.

>  Please find the attached design document.
>  Could you please review and provide your comments on this.

Interesting timing, because I've actually just solved this problem. Please review this series in Gerrit:


Regarding the proposal, I have a few thoughts:

1. Please try to keep it to plain-text
2. If you have code it's best to post it straight away (rather than lead with a proposal and no code)

Kumar : Sure. Will Keep plain text for posting proposals/code.

On point 1, this is an open-source community and sending documents in formats like docx might mean that some people can't access them. Plain- text always works, especially as emails are generally composed that way, which means you can put your proposal directly in an email and people can respond to it with ease.

On point 2, it seems that you've included screenshots of code changes that you have made locally - a few sub-points there:

a. Code is text - you can include snippets of it in your document directly, which removes the need for rich media formats, which removes the need for something like docx.

b. If you've got code, push it to github or gerrit and we can look at it directly!

Kumar : Sure, Will keep code snippets in the plain text or will push it to github or gerrit.

On point b, given that this proposal largely deals with implementation details, it's much more effective if you lead with code and then drive a discussion on the list if necessary. At least this way we have something concrete to point at and argue about, or in the happy case we can just merge it and you've avoided the effort of driving redundant discussion.

Finally, these thoughts are about helping you help us help you to get your code merged with the least amount of effort/friction. Hopefully they are useful to you :)

Kumar : I looked at your patches and this is really good information and very helpful. Will look more in detail and get back to you.


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