[sdbusplus] To generate a common header for public information of interfaces

Patrick Williams patrick at stwcx.xyz
Wed Feb 19 07:39:34 AEDT 2020

On Thu, Feb 13, 2020 at 10:38:37PM +0800, Lei YU wrote:
> Currently, sdbus++ generates the server code separately, and in
> phosphor-dbus-interfaces, the separated headers are installed, and the
> separated cpp files are combined together, and compiled as a library.
> The public information of the interfaces (e.g, the interface strings,
> the enum strings) are either in the separated header or in the cpp
> files.
> The result is, when a phosphor service needs to use an interface, or
> an enum, it has to define the interface string or the enum string
> manually, and it happens everywhere.

I would say any case where this was done should have been fixed.  There
were already functions in sdbusplus to convert<Enum>ToString and
convertForMessage(<Enum>).  There are lots of cases where these are
being used today[1].  You recently made the interface public as well, so
we should begin converting these over.

I've also got commits pending, for merge soon, that make the enums be
supported as native types, so code should rarely even need to call the
"convert" functions anymore.  Another refactoring once that is merged.

> How about
> 1. Making sdbusplus to generate a "common" header for each interface
> including the public information;
> 2. Then phosphor-dbus-interfaces could generate a single header file
> that includes all the public information of the interfaces;
> 3. Then the phosphor service could include a single header file, and
> use the interface/enum strings it needs, without manually defining
> them?

Currently only the 'server' interfaces are generated and some clients
are including the server header files even though they are a client.
The intention all along was to make proper 'client' bindings but there
hasn't been sufficient effort put into that yet.

I'm not sure if it is better or worse to have an explicit 'common'
header rather than the two separate 'server' and 'client' headers.  Is
there any reason to not simply get started on the client headers?

Some pro/cons of 'common':
    - Have an extra pass we have to run through 'sdbus++'.  This will
      probably make the templates more complex (3x code paths rather
      than 2x).

    + Explicitly consistent types between client and server bindings.

> There is an initial concept implementation:
> * https://github.com/mine260309/sdbusplus/commit/78cb63fb7e1ceb62165c71e15779f23f7e9f166c
> * https://github.com/mine260309/phosphor-dbus-interfaces/commit/6079d25547f0143fc7562a1c7ee6beb888a66432
> With the above changes, a service could directly use the generated
> interface string, e.g.
> `sdbusplus::xyz::openbmc_project::Software::ApplyTime::interface`.
> In the future, the enum strings could be put there and thus we do not
> have to manually write the long full qualified string.
> Ideas and suggestions are welcome.

[1] https://github.com/search?q=org%3Aopenbmc+convertForMessage&type=Code

Patrick Williams
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