Request for Feedback :: Time Mode setting in timemanager

Vishwanatha Subbanna vishwa at
Tue Feb 18 23:56:18 AEDT 2020


Sending this email requesting feedback on one of the feature that we currently have in phosphor-timemanager.

Time manager uses TimeMode setting and can have either [NTP] or [Manual] as the valid options and are provided via xyz/openbmc_projects/settings/ for external users.

When the system power is off and BMC is in ready state, any changes to these settings are readily consumed by time manager daemon.

However, if the user changes the setting when the Host is booting, timemanager puts them in deferred state. Meaning, timemanager does not take the settings into effect until the Host is powered off.

So, if someone wants to move from [Manual] to [NTP] or vice-versa, when the Host is [On], they need to [power-off] the Host and power it back on.

This design was chosen because we wanted to give priority to Host. Some of us are asking me if we can make a change to take the setting changes in effect immediately, not caring the state of the Host.

Please could you help with your thoughts on this ?.. What is the Industry norm on this ?

Thank you,
!! Vishwa !!

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