OpenBMC PMCI Working group - Meeting Minutes - Feb 17th.

Thomaiyar, Richard Marian richard.marian.thomaiyar at
Mon Feb 17 21:36:31 AEDT 2020


Meeting minutes for Feb17th & Feb10th or posted in

Please feel free to add any agenda topics / Offline questions if any.

Minutes Feb17th - Brief: (Refer above link for details).

1. Repo for MCTP daemon

2. MCTP Design - offline review, and further discussion in next week call.

3. PLDM (regarding multiple application using / instead of D-Bus query).

4. BIOS attributes.

Minutes Feb10th - Brief:

1. Socket / D-Bus approach - As socket based doesn't have standard way 
to expose discovered devices, will do D-Bus based approach. Ultimate 
goal is to support socket based approach to have better performance 
(Andrew & Richard)

2. libmctp - c based library, scope & coverage

3. MCTP, PLDM - Feature list needed, Maintainer-ship discussion.



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