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Michael Richardson mcr at
Fri Feb 7 01:16:27 AEDT 2020

Samuel Herts <sdherts at> wrote:
    > We got the Hello World to work perfectly, thank you for the assistance!
    > How would we now go about doing the exact same thing, but hardware
    > implemented?  By that, I mean actually running the phosphor state
    > manager modified module on the physical BMC chip? How do we install the
    > OpenBMC sdk? Also, is there a method to read from the computer's BIOS
    > chip from this modified state manager?

I'm aware of only one hardware platform that explicitely supports openbmc,
and it was rather expensive.  Apparently it can run on quite a few other
boards, and I'd like to try to get a list of things I might be able to get =
on ebay... I don't need something new to experiment with... old and well
documented seems better to me.

I don't think you'd ever install the *SDK* on the target system.
You compile it with the build system on an ubuntu server or equivalent
container, and then install the resulting image as the BMC image.=20
That might require a JTAG load for some systems, and then OTA afterwards.

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