Community support - where do want to be in a year?

Kurt Taylor kurt.r.taylor at
Thu Feb 6 11:02:01 AEDT 2020

The new year is well underway, and I have started thinking about more
that could be done to enable a stronger, more open community, and to
have a better developer experience.

I'd like to get your feedback, but please, this is not meant to be a
complaint platform, reply with ideas and solutions, or at least an
open mind for how we can fix it. I want to hear ideas!

I am looking to organize a prioritized list so I (and others?) can
focus on making things happen. I am hopeful that my downstream
responsibilities will be reduced in the coming months and that we can
start making real community progress.

Incomplete list (for priming the idea pump):
1) Existing (donated?) services - Gerrit/Jenkins hosting, email
service - what about hosting? what about disaster recovery/backups?
How can we improve?
2) Automate wordpress content/updates, current events?
meetups? blog planet?
3) Metrics - what would the community like to see?
4) Early development plans disclosure (new features),
charter/policy/culture changes for upstream plans, improving speed to
commit, review commitments?
5) Third-party CI testing/review reporting, supported platforms,
release testing commitments

What are *your* ideas for improving the community?

Kurt Taylor (krtaylor)

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