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Thu Feb 6 06:31:08 AEDT 2020

I'm going to make a change to this meetings agenda based on the feedback  
from yesterday's meeting. I think we need to start talking about the design  
of an aggregator data model. The features of that data model should heavily  
inform both the presentation layer and the process of importing child  
nodes, and I don't think we will make much progress talking about  
presentation layers until there is something concrete with the data model.  
As always though, if you have some features or use cases that hasn't been  
considered so far, feel free to bring them up. Thanks, Richard

Title: BMC Aggregator Presentation Layer
Sorry for the delay in putting together this follow up meeting.

We made some progress in hashing out some of the requirements of a BMC  
aggregator in our last meeting.

However, one of the issues that needs more discussion is what features are  
needed in a presentation layer for this aggregator.

I think this discussion is one of the biggest blockers before we can  
trading any designs, and I look forward to hearing about any use cases that  
people are considering.

(P.S. I will be creating a second meeting that is more amenable to Asian  
When: Thu Feb 6, 2020 10am – 11am Pacific Time - Los Angeles
Where: SVL-MAT3-4-Saturn (5) [GVC]

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