python 2 deprecation - assistance required

Patrick Williams patrick at
Wed Feb 5 01:07:53 AEDT 2020

Hey Brad,

On Tue, Feb 04, 2020 at 08:49:25AM -0500, Brad Bishop wrote:
> With poky eaec1c4 python2 is fully deprecated upstream.  If you are
> using python, please move your scripts to python3 so we can continue to
> rebase on upstream.
> I grabbed a list of impacted recipes:
> thanks!
> -brad

I'm already working on sdbusplus; should have commits up shortly to
move it to python3.  I didn't see it on your list though and that is
because it is hidden behind 'obmc-phosphor-python-autotools':

You might want to expand your search to include that inherit as well.

Patrick Williams
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