Depreciate PATCH support for HostName at NetworkProtocol

Gunnar Mills gmills at
Tue Dec 15 05:27:29 AEDT 2020

Hi Ravi,

I believe you implemented PATCH support for HostName at 

Looking for some background around the commit. Do you know why this was 
added? Do you know if any clients are PATCHing HostName here?

HostName at /redfish/v1/Managers/bmc/NetworkProtocol is a read-only 
property and PATCH support here violates the Redfish spec.

HostName at /redfish/v1/Managers/bmc/EthernetInterfaces/<str> is a 
read-write property and can be PATCHed. This is what webui-vue uses.

Still discussion on how we would depreciate this PATCH support on

Does anyone know of a client PATCHing HostName at the NetworkProtocol 


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