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Hi Deepak,

           Thanks for your response.  Please find below my response inline.


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Hi Kumar,

On Wed, Dec 9, 2020 at 9:20 PM Kumar Thangavel <thangavel.k at> wrote:
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> Hi All,
>          We planning to do NIC firmware update for our system pldm base.


>          So, We would like to add implementation support for pldm base firmware update. This should be generic for all to use firmware update for any devices.
>          Do we need to create files “firmwareupdate.cpp/.hpp files” under pldm deamon as generic to handle firmware base pldm commands?

Since there is a PLDM firmware update specification, a generic design and implementation is a definite possibility.

>          Also, please suggest to repo add the BMC applications to send and recv the command handling.
>          Could Please provide your comments/suggestions on this implementation.

Will you be able to update with a design section on firmware update? Some of the things I would like to review via this doc update:

   Kumar : Sure. I will update the document. 

- How does this integrate with the current OpenBMC firmware update architecture, and also with Redfish update service?

    Kumar :     Need to explore. Please provide your suggestions on this.

- What will PLDM run on? RBT or MCTP? MCTP over what binding?

    Kumar : PLDM run on NIC-SI transport.  

- Do you anticipate changes to libmctp?

   Kumar : No. This is based on NIC-SI transport

- How does this fit into the existing
design? What new components will you be adding? Will libpldm and pldmd be impacted, and how?
   Kumar: pldmd will be impacted to handle firmware update commands request/response. Will investigate in detail and update you on this. 

- The 5.9 Linux Kernel has some APIs for PLDM based firmware update.
Can we use those?
  Kumar : Yes. We can use that also. 

- How do we plan to test this? Is hardware a must? Or are you planning on mocking a PLDM responder?

 Kumar : We have hardware. So planning to test in the hardware. 

I think a quick review of such a design doc will be beneficial before delving into code. Also, please note - Richard and Sumanth (copied
them) are working on similar stuff as well. So there could be scope for collaboration and to avoid likely duplicate effort. We do talk about ongoing PLDM activities in OpenBMC in this meet -

Kumar :  Sure.  Will join the discussion. 


> Thanks,
> Kumar.
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