Adding support for custom SEL records

Lei Yu at
Mon Dec 7 18:35:27 AEDT 2020

This mail is to propose some changes in openbmc to support custom SEL records.

* Background
The phosphor-sel-logger is the service to provide methods (IpmiSelAdd,
IpmiSelAddOem) to add custom SEL records.
1. It only sends the log into the journal;
2. It depends on
to filter the journal log and write to "/var/log/ipmi_sel"
3. It depends on intel-ipmi-oem to parse the "/var/log/ipmi_sel" to
provide the SEL entries.

In short, phosphor-sel-logger only works with the meta-intel layer and

To make it support general usage, several changes are submitted to gerrit:

Some details:
1. It adds SEL.errors.yaml in PDI.
2. With SEL_LOGGER_SEND_TO_LOGGING_SERVICE option, phosphor-sel-logger
creates entries in the logging service without callout path, instead
of sending to the journal.
3.  In phosphor-host-ipmid, it adds extra logic to parse the logging
entries and convert to SEL entries.

Comments are welcome.

Lei YU

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