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Lancelot Kao at
Mon Aug 31 23:52:16 AEST 2020

Hi, Pioneer
                I come from Fii crops as a subgroup of Foxconn. We are using the openBMC to develop our openBMC with the Ampere & Nuvoton solution.
                So, we need to create a new meta-layer for us. I am told there is someone who may help us to create the meta-layer for us. The below is the information needs to create meta-layer.
                Name : meta-fii
                Maintainers :
Lancelot.kao at<mailto:Lancelot.kao at>
Neil.chen at<mailto:Neil.chen at>
vveerach at<mailto:vveerach at>
benjaminfair at<mailto:benjaminfair at>

                If I miss anything, please let me know.

Best Regards.

Lancelot Kao

TW : +886-2-2268-3466 #3766
US : +1-281-655-2668
e-mail : at

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