Network Settings GUI

Derick Montague Derick.Montague at
Fri Aug 21 05:56:05 AEST 2020

> I'd like to work on IPV6  functionality of phosphor-webui and start to impliment it  on the phosphor-webui.
> would you please show me  the design that was originally completed for the previous layout?  
> And ,how to proposal my code to webui project ,would you like to tell me detail?  

Hi ruixia,sun,  
We use Gerrit for code reviews. To contribute, you will need to be added to either an individual or corporate CLA.  
For submitting changes, you can look to these guidelines:  
Developer documentation  
Design for phosphor-webui  
The design will be similar to IPv4. You can model your layout after the IPv4 layout. It has been quite some time since  
we looked at this and we will be revisiting this in the future for the new layout. We found several issues with the network  
settings design which have not been addressed in the existing phosphor-webui layout. We will be addressing those with  
the webui-vue UI that is using the Redfish API.

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