moving meta-{openpower, x86, arm} content to meta-phosphor

Brad Bishop bradleyb at
Thu Aug 20 23:15:52 AEST 2020

Fellow OpenBMCers

Over time, I would like to do away with the processor arch layers e.g.

meta-openpower, meta-arm, meta-x86.

In hindsight meta-arm and meta-x86 might not have made much sense and
should have been something like meta-x86-intel and meta-x86-amd perhaps
- this is confirmed by the fact that there isn't any content in meta-

I propose the content simply go in meta-phosphor, and that we frame our
thinking of meta-phosphor and OpenBMC as a project that supports any and
all host processor architectures (as well as devices that aren't servers
at all).  This results in several positive things:

- Increased developer/maintainer awareness/cross pollination of other
usage patterns (community building).
- Differences are obvious, highlighting areas for improvement in the
- Build time, cross arch incompatibilities become obvious (e.g. building
images that support both Intel and AMD processors for example).
- Improved time to understanding for newcomers - everything is one
- Reduced (granted a small amount) layer configuration complexity for
end users.

I'm not aware of any benefits to factoring things out into the different
layers like we have today - if you are aware of something, please share.

Getting more detailed, how would this look?  This series is an example:

For projects that are truly host processor specific e.g. peci or occ
support, we already have a recipes-x86 folder:

I propose we allow the creation of additional folders using this
convention e.g.

- recipes-power
- recipes-x86-amd (we might want to look at renaming recipes-x86 to

Or even better IMO, we co-mingle these recipes as well based on the
abstract function they provide for some of the same reasons I would like
to move to a single layer - increased awareness of what your community
peers are up to.

Please share your thoughts on the matter.

thx - brad

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