IPMI implementation of Get Device ID command

TOM JOSEPH tomjose at linux.vnet.ibm.com
Sat Aug 15 03:34:45 AEST 2020


We have an implementation of this command 
. The current version of the code derives the major and minor firmware 
revision from the VERSION_ID field, and the auxiliary firmware revision 
is picked from dev_id.json. The auxiliary firmware revision is populated 
at build time 

The implementation of the code is obsolete, as it was based on an 
earlier format. The current format of VERSION_ID for example is, 
2.9.0-dev-609-g56f86d23c. There is already a WIP patch to fix this for 
the master tag format 

IBM tagging format is different from the tag format of master builds. 
One choice is to have the major and minor version added to the 
dev_id.json and if the format of VERSION_ID does not match the master 
tag format,  pick from the json.

How are other companies converting their arbitrary tag formats to IPMI 
firmware revision fields? Does every company maintain their own 
downstream implementation of this command?

Is a common code possible for converting arbitrary tag formats to IPMI 
firmware revision fields?


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