dbus-sensors:hwmontemp: additional attribute proposal

Jason Ling jasonling at google.com
Thu Aug 6 09:42:06 AEST 2020

There is a use case where temp1_input should be omitted from being exposed
to dbus.
A concrete example is if you have a temp sensor with 10 channels but only
want to expose 2..10.

Currently dbus/hwmontemp doesn't allow this.

In order to maintain backwards compatibility I am proposing an OmitList
attribute that hwmontemp will attempt to retrieve.
If the "Name"s of any temp sensor appears in the list, it will be skip
sensor creation.

I am proposing a list to support other use cases such as...

* you're doing BMC development and for whatever reason want to temporarily
suppress a temperature and do some tests..you can add it to this list and
then remove it instead of deleting and re-inserting.

* lets you have non-contiguous temp sensors exposed (e.g temp2_input,
temp5_input, temp7_input) . There is a better solution to this; but for now
this enables this use-case.

It's a simple feature; plan to have something within O(hours).
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