Question about OpenBMC Remote BIOS configuration proposal

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Hi Sakar, thanks for the response.
After some conversations with OpenBMC people, I recognized RBC daemon is standardized and Intel or IBM have their own implementations to collaborate with RBC daemon.

For the OEM ipmi commands defined for BIOS and bmc communication, you probably can join  Redfish Host Interface meeting because we are defining the IPMI Redfish command in this meeting. You may also reach out to John Leun from intel, who is the representative of Intel for that meeting.

I may have PR of the Remote Bios  configuration document for some  cosmetic revises and make this spec more clear on system firmware point of view.


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Sorry, I was Out of Office  few days and busy in other priority.


we are supporting Intel uses  OEM IPMI command , IBM  uses  PLDM method
is transfer data from BIOS to the BMC.

In Intel, we are using (Intel prop) XML format which contain all needed
info  from BIOS to the BMC.

Let me know whats requirement. we can discuss the same.

This BIOS config -setting   should be generic.



On 7/23/2020 2:51 PM, Deepak Kodihalli wrote:
> On 23/07/20 2:04 pm, Chang, Abner (HPS SW/FW Technologist) wrote:
>> Hi Sekar,
>> This is Abner Chang from HPE Server BIOS team, our team is also
>> working on UEFI/EDK2 Redfish open source solution (just FYI the POC
>> code is almost done).
>> I read through the Remote BIOS configuration proposal and would like
>> to see if we still have chance to make some changes on it to reduce
>> the efforts on both BMC and BIOS. Also get rid of using PLDM BIOS
>> control/Configuration methodology because we can find the equivalent
>> method if use Redfish service.
> The design describes PLDM as one of the alternatives, but it is not
> the only. The design talks about inband IPMI as well. In other words,
> the design doesn't mandate what inband communication protocol BIOS and
> BMC should use. On certain IBM systems, this protocol is PLDM.
> Regards,
> Deepak
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