Proposal: Add ManagerNetworkProtocol.Oem.OpenBMC.mDNS

Ratan Gupta ratagupt at
Wed Apr 8 23:27:11 AEST 2020

Hi Joseph,

I am in favor for adding this as oem for short term and also propose it 
in DMTF to get it standardized.

There should be a way to disable the multicast-feature as for some 
clients multicast is a security concern.



On 4/6/20 8:53 PM, Gunnar Mills wrote:
> On 4/6/2020 9:57 AM, Joseph Reynolds wrote:
>> Proposal: Add ManagerNetworkProtocol.Oem.OpenBMC.mDNS.
>> This is a proposal to add a new Oem.OpenBMC.mDNS property to BMCWeb's 
>> implementation of the Redfish ManagerNetworkProtocol.
>> This property would be used to enable and disable OpenBMC's 
>> Avahi/mDNS discovery service and be similar to Redfish's SSDProtocol
> Why OEM? Why not ask Redfish to add mDNS to ManagerNetworkProtocol so 
> it can be enabled/disabled via standard Redfish?
>> Redfish's direction is to use SSDP as the standard discovery 
>> mechanism.  See discussion here:

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