Proposal: Add ManagerNetworkProtocol.Oem.OpenBMC.mDNS

Joseph Reynolds jrey at
Tue Apr 7 00:57:27 AEST 2020

Proposal: Add ManagerNetworkProtocol.Oem.OpenBMC.mDNS.

This is a proposal to add a new Oem.OpenBMC.mDNS property to BMCWeb's 
implementation of the Redfish ManagerNetworkProtocol.
This property would be used to enable and disable OpenBMC's Avahi/mDNS 
discovery service and be similar to Redfish's SSDProtocol

Redfish's direction is to use SSDP as the standard discovery mechanism.  
See discussion here:

Does anyone agree that giving the BMC admin the ability to enable and 
disable the Avahi/mDNS discovery service is desired?  Please reply to 
this email.
If so, the next step is to design the mDNSProtocol to implement in BMCWeb.

- Joseph

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