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Brad Bishop bradleyb at
Thu Jul 25 12:29:22 AEST 2019

On Thu, Jul 25, 2019 at 11:06:13AM +0930, Andrew Jeffery wrote:
>Hi Wilfred,
>On Wed, 24 Jul 2019, at 14:04, Wilfred Smith wrote:
>> There was a discussion a while back (2 years ago? In
>> where the OP (Patrick Williams) expressed concern over the
>> proliferation of command line tools. Patrick’s interest involved how to
>> integrate iotools. Others chimed in questioning whether it’s better to
>> provide compact commands for common needs or encourage exploration by
>> requiring longhand. Patrick inquired about the target audience for the
>> tools.
>I'm all for helpers for common tasks. If we can integrate them into obmcutil
>that would be ideal. The alternative is that we require people write things like:
># busctl set-property `mapper get-service /xyz/openbmc_project/control/host0/auto_reboot` /xyz/openbmc_project/control/host0/auto_reboot xyz.openbmc_project.Control.Boot.RebootPolicy AutoReboot b false
>to disable auto-reboot or
># busctl set-property xyz.openbmc_project.Network /xyz/openbmc_project/network/eth0 xyz.openbmc_project.Network.EthernetInterface DHCPEnabled b 1
>to switch DHCP on. Quite frankly that's a ridiculous requirement to force on

Years ago when Patrick wrote the referenced note, the belief was that 
the OpenBMC DBus API would be stable.  But that thinking has long since 
been rejected - the OpenBMC DBus is not stable and as such it probably 
doesn't make sense to be sharing it (via busctl commands) with our 

>Having said that some of these already have shortcuts, such as
># systemctl stop host-failure-reboots at 0

It might already be too late, but we probably should not have presented 
systemctl commands as stable interfaces for our users either, for the 
same reasons as I've mentioned above.

>for the auto-reboot line above, however the fact that it's a systemd unit
>isn't exactly intuitive either.
>So I'm happy for people to propose e.g. sub-commands for obmcutil to
>help out. We might need more feedback than just my opinion though :)

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