How to switch pcie/ocp Nics for ncsi

Lei YU mine260309 at
Wed Jul 24 15:24:22 AEST 2019

Zaius has a similar design that it uses two GPIOs to select from 3 NCSI sources.
But I do not see related code from meta-zaius.

@Patrick Venture is it possible to share what you have done on Zaius machine
about how to configure the GPIOs to select the NCSI source?


On Wed, Jul 24, 2019 at 11:44 AM John Wang <wangzhiqiang8906 at> wrote:
> HI,all
> FP5280G2 BMC MAC0 is for NCSI, and there is a
> separated GPIO to select the NCSI to connect to PCIe or OCP
>                                         -->PCIE
> mac0-->mux(TS3L501)
>                       ^                 -->OCP
>                       |
>                GPIOH7
> I want to switch pcie/ocp NICs and preserve the state bewteen
> BMC reboots and AC cycles.
> My solutions is:
> use gpio-hog, and dynamically modify the dts file in userspace.
> But maybe it is a bad choice.
> are there any good suggestions?
> Thanks.
> John

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