dbus-sensors + phosphor-hwmon

Vijay Khemka vijaykhemka at fb.com
Wed Jul 24 04:44:29 AEST 2019

On 7/22/19, 3:28 PM, "openbmc on behalf of Patrick Venture" <openbmc-bounces+vijaykhemka=fb.com at lists.ozlabs.org on behalf of venture at google.com> wrote:

    I haven't tested yet, but I have a device-tree with a lot of ~40
    hard-coded sensors on it, and then the other sensors will be detected
    with entity-manager (once that's set up).
    In this case, will entity-manager populate the dbus configuration with
    those in the device-tree initially making them available to
    dbus-sensors? (or will we or should we, also configure phosphor-hwmon
    for those sensors?)
In my understanding, entity manager will not add anything from device tree,
All sensors should be in json file which will be added to dbus by entity manager.
Later on each sensor application from dbus-sensors will look for /sys/class/hwmon 
and try to map with it listed in json file base on its configuration


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