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I am new to this group; hence I don't know communication protocol, my apology for that. Next time onwards I will use open BMC email list to send for any of our questions or our feedback or suggestions on Open BMC security.  


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Thank you, Joseph, for quick response !!! I will review the Open BMC threat model document and will provide my feedback. 

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I got a private email asking
 > [where are the] BMC project threat model documents?

The approved network threat model is here:

The threat model is very basic and does little more than identify OpenBMC's network services.  The level of detail was initially superficial to get approval for the document.  I hope to add more details and add new sections for BMC network connections including LDAP, remote logging, remote media, ip-kvm, event subscriptions, etc.  Then add a section for Redfish security considerations.

The network threat model is only a subset of the overall BMC threat model.  (For example, the BMC faces threats from its environment and its host system.)  The OpenBMC project has no overall BMC threat model, and mine is in review here:
(You can find other threat model reviews by searching gerrit for "threat" or "security").

I am using my review to collect information about BMC threats, which in turn depends on how the BMC is used, so I am collecting information about BMC use cases too.  Any and all contributions are welcome, and can be added as review comments, email to the community, or directly to me. I am struggling with the threat model scope, and how to organize the document.  Any feedback is welcome.

- Joseph

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