How can I do to remove some default package?

Patrick Venture venture at
Thu Jul 18 00:34:41 AEST 2019

On Wed, Jul 17, 2019 at 4:21 AM Andrew MS1 Peng <pengms1 at> wrote:
> Hi Team,
> How can I do to remove some default packages such as bmcweb and obmc-ikvm?
> I try to use RDEPENDS_${PN}_remove to remove packages but the executable binary and service still exist in rootfs.
> Could someone give me advice?

For bmcweb, I looked into how it was added to remove it.
I created a recipes-phosphor/packagegroups/packagegroup-obmc-apps.bbappend
file which appends the recipe that adds bmcweb.

# Disable for all machine types.
RDEPENDS_${PN}-extras_remove = " bmcweb"

That removed it from where it was added.  One must be careful with
this type of change because _remove is (unless I"m mistaken) always
the last action.

In this case above, I didn't specify a machine override because this
change is in one of our "global" Google layers and strips it for all
our machines.  Later this change will likely be tailored via an
image_feature or something along those lines and we'll only disable on
platforms not using it, so keep in mind you may want more control of
this inclusion/exclusion.

> Thanks,
> Andrew

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