bmc_booted LED group was not asserted when BMC started up

Mon Jul 15 18:27:00 AEST 2019


In normal case, we will see bmc_booted LED group been asserted when bmc starts up.

Apr 08 04:56:30 evb-npcm750 systemd[1]: Starting Wait for /xyz/openbmc_project/led/groups/bmc_booted...
Apr 08 04:56:31 evb-npcm750 systemd[1]: Started Wait for /xyz/openbmc_project/led/groups/bmc_booted.
Apr 08 04:56:35 evb-npcm750 systemd[1]: Starting Assert bmc_booted LED...
Apr 08 04:56:35 evb-npcm750 systemd[1]: Started Assert bmc_booted LED.

Recently, I update to newer commit (don't know what exact commit cause this), the wanted service was started but bmc-led-group-start service itself was not started. As a result, bmc heartbeat led was not blinked.
Can anyone please advise how to investigate such kind of issue?

Jul 11 04:54:03 runbmc-nuvoton systemd[1]: Starting Wait for /xyz/openbmc_project/led/groups/bmc_booted...
Jul 11 04:54:06 runbmc-nuvoton systemd[1]: Started Wait for /xyz/openbmc_project/led/groups/bmc_booted.

Below is unit file of obmc-led-group-start at bmc_booted.service in /lib/systemd/system/
Description=Assert %i LED
Wants=mapper-wait at -xyz-openbmc_project-led-groups-%i.service
After=mapper-wait at -xyz-openbmc_project-led-groups-%i.service

ExecStart=/bin/sh -c "busctl call `mapper get-service /xyz/openbmc_project/led/groups/%i` /xyz/openbmc_project/led/groups/%i org.freedesktop.DBus.Properties Set ssv xyz.openbmc_project.Led.Group Asserted b true"


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