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Hi Sharad,

Here’s the signed PDF. Let me know if you need anything else.


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Hey Scott,
Just send a PDF “Schedule A update 2019-07-XX.PDF” with text per template below and send to the list (Brad or Kurt handle this most of the time):

Schedule A – Updated Date  by  Person sending the update

List of designated employees. NB: authorization is not tied to particular Contributions.
Please indicate “CLA Manager” next to the name of any employees listed below that are
authorized to add or remove designated employees from this list in the future.

Engineer Name 1
Engineer Name 2
Added Engineer 3


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Subject: Adding to CLA


How do I go about getting folks added to our OpenBMC CLA? I see the existing agreement but I don’t know how to add new people,

Scott Ingham
Ampere Computing

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