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Jandra A jandraara at
Tue Jul 2 01:29:34 AEST 2019

Hello all,

Our design team has been working to create GUI design mockups for TPM.

We are gathering feedback from users and working with a couple subject
matter experts to figure out if the 'sensors' portion of it, relating to
whether or not it is functional, should be included in the GUI since the
majority of time is spent at runtime, and not having an updated state in
runtime means there is a huge gap in coverage. Either way when a TPM fails,
an event could be created in the event logs and a user would find out there.

As for the required policy, we are proposing placing this in the Server
Power Operations given that the required policy will really only matter and
take effect during reboot/power on. Additionally, this is where users would
be configuring 'how' the boot occurs. Here are the mockups for
enabling/disabling the required policy.
(Navigate by clicking on any flashing blue rectangles or using the keyboard

Since the interaction is a simple on/off, we added the component in the
'on' state to the boot options flow. To navigate the prototype, click on
flashing blue rectangles or use the right and left keyboard arrows.

Looking forward to your feedback,
GUI Design team
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