Reg moving pam modules to obmc-phosphor-image instead of installing it in obmc-phosphor-initramfs

Thomaiyar, Richard Marian richard.marian.thomaiyar at
Thu Sep 27 05:39:09 AEST 2018

Hi Ratan / Brad / any yocto expert?

Currently pam modules are installed in both obmc-phosphor-initramfs and 
obmc-phosphor-image. When more pam modules are enabled it is causing 
size issue with obmc-phosphor-initramfs. Eventhough this pam modules 
doesn't need to be present in obmc-phosphor-initramfs, i.e. can be 
installed only in obmc-phosphor-image.

I tried few things with the recipe but pam being dependency, somehow it 
is getting installed for obmc-phosphor-initramfs. Does anyone know how 
to restrict the pam plugin modules to be installed only in 
obmc-phosphor-image and not in obmc-phosphor-initramfs

anybody who is expert is yocto, please help, as i am blocked in getting 
the initramfs size reduced.



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