Version and Functional FRU fields for motherboard and membuf

Alexander Amelkin a.amelkin at
Wed Sep 19 20:33:37 AEST 2018

>> It's actually "Verify FRU Properties" and it's a part of openbmc-test-automation test suite, see here:
>> As I see, Palmetto's yaml config does not have Version or Functional property for motherboard and membuf, so I do not think they will have such properties.
>> So, does the test case pass for Palmetto?

> @Sivas Srr Could you check this?

Sivas, Lei? Any chance to get an answer to this? The test still fails for us and we can't decide whether we should disable the test or add thos properties to motherboard and membuf objects.

By the way, what is at all the meaning and purpose of the 'Functional' property? Is it an indicator of a component functioning properly, or is it a 'handle' to turn a component off before hot removal/replacement?
There is no description anywhere that we could find.

Thank you.

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