OpenBMC Hackathon @ OpenPower Summit?

Sai Dasari sdasari at
Wed Sep 19 07:13:52 AEST 2018

On 9/18/18, 1:21 PM, "Andrew Geissler" <geissonator at> wrote:

    Hey Sai, looks like Stewart, Joel, Jeremy, and myself will all be attending.
    We're just building the agenda now but we were thinking some basic
    overviews, then some kernel hacking, SDK/QEMU hacking (systemd,
    journald, service intros), and some customization hacking (adding new
    machine layer, customizing web UI for your system).  Any other
    thoughts/ideas from the group appreciated.  The overall goal is to
    teach people unfamiliar with openbmc how to dive in and start hacking
    at it. The OpenBMC community hackathon will be at the Intel summit
    middle of next month up in Oregon.
Thanks Andrew! Overall goal is awesome and look forward to meet at summit!

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